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Direct Restorative



Lab Performer: Self Cure Composite

Research Highlights:

Stela has above average mechanical strength compared to other composites with an ideal radiopacity. Stela comes in two formulations, including a packable highly filled capsule formulation which has less stickiness and higher modulus than many composites making it ideal for occlusal surfaces. The Stela Automix formulation is stronger than most flowable composites and testing revealed the self-curing properties produces no dentin debonds or voids at the marginal surfaces in prepared tooth restorations. In combination with Stela Primer, bond strength testing showed high dentin and enamel bond strength without etching, with no drop in performance after artificial aging.

Evaluator Comments:

  • “Fast setting time, good esthetics.”
  • “Large depth of cure, plenty of time to shape and sculpt, minimal steps.”
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