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Kuraray Co. was founded in 1926 in Kurashiki, Japan. Through intensive research and development the company succeeded in building up extensive expertise and technological strength in the fields of polymer chemistry, synthetic chemistry and chemical engineering. In April 2012, Kuraray Medical Inc. and Noritake Dental Supply Co., Ltd. joined forces to become Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc. Through constant innovation, research and development, Kuraray Noritake Dental is changing cutting-edge technology into real world solutions.

Kuraray Noritake has led the world in adhesives, introducing the key adhesive monomer in dental history which led to the development of an MDP monomer contained in PANAVIA cement. This improved MDP monomer has proven extremely effective in use on dentin, enamel, and metal.

Kuraray Noritake began manufacturing dental materials in 1973, and in 1978, released the first product in the CLEARFIL line, CLEARFIL BOND SYSTEM-F. Since then, the CLEARFIL line has extended to several products, including the most recent UNIVERSAL BOND QUICK. This monomer was the same as in the PANAVIA products. DENTAL ADVISOR has performed many studies on CLEARFIL Products, including clinical evaluation, comprehensive laboratory testing, and long-term studies, using Kuraray Noritake composites in conjunction with CLEARFIL bonding products. Results have been consistently excellent in lack of marginal staining, bond strength, and lack of debonds.CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick uses the same MDP monomer invented by Kuraray Noritake, but adds a new AMIDE monomer. AMIDE offers a rapid bond technology, by infiltrating dentin and enamel quickly. It dramatically reduces water absorption, and decreases application time. CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick is indicated for use in all etch techniques, with any light-, self- or dual-cure material. DENTAL ADVISOR Biomaterials Research Center confirmed excellent bond strength to dentin and enamel in both total- and self-etch modes after 5,000 Thermocycles and compared it to competitor bonding agents.

Kuraray was chosen as innovative company of the year because of their constant ability to adapt to market needs and change. Their products are universally accepted by dental professionals as market leaders due to their ease of use and consistently high laboratory performance, making them ideal choices for long-term clinical results.

We rely on Kuraray Noritake to continue to lead the industry with innovations.

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